TSI Fabrication manufactures flare stacks typically used during the frack flow back, cleanup and other well servicing operations on land. Flare stack’s function is to temporarily combust natural gas, vented hydrocarbons or sour gas during initial phase of production operations. A flare stack’s height and distance away from the separation equipment reduce hazards from heat radiation and flue gases produced from combustion of hydrocarbons including sour gases. Flare stacks are also recommended as a safe relief point for the pressure vessel relief valves during sour oil and gas production and well testing operations. To reduce transportation costs, flare stacks are installed on either bumper pull or goose neck trailers based on gross trailer weights and flare stack sizes.

TSI has capabilities to procure, build and deliver custom flare stacks, turnkey. Customers may also provide flare stack design to TSI Fabrication to build. As a part of the manufacturing process, TSI will create design data book for each flare stack. All relevant design and fabrication processes are documented in the flare stack data book.


  • Frack flow back
  • Well clean up
  • Production testing
  • Pipeline clean up services
  • Early production facilities
  • Extended well testing


  • Turnkey or customer provided design
  • Qualified and experienced vessel
  • Fabricators and pipe fitters
  • Drafting and modeling services
  • Complete data book documentation